Tigerkit padded around camp with her brothers Shrewkit and Lighteningkit. They were bored. The nursery was cramped. Only one moon till they were apprentices! Suddenly the leader, Duskstar stepped out of his den "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join me for a clan meeting!" He yelled. Tigerkit, Shrewkit and lighteningkit snuck behind some cats to hear. "We have had enough attacks from Riverclan! We shall attack!!! Me and Petalspots have arranged batte forces. We will cross the river into their territory and attack and then retreat back into the forest once they tink they have won we will attack again with the other battle partol. Petalspots, Rainfall, Stripetail, Coldheart, Cloudfoot, Ivyclaw, and Hawkfoot will be on the first partol. Me, Bluepond, Darkfang, Frostkill, Thornpelt and Viciousclaw will be on patrol. Thisltepool Blacknose and Redflame willGot it?" he said. Tigerkit stepped out into the open "What about me?" she said. He chuckled. "You Tigerkit must protect the nursery." He said. Some people twitched in amusement Coldheart, Viciousclaw, and Cloufoot glared from their huddled group. She annouced "No Riverclan Warrior will get past me!" He nodded amusement glimmering in his eyes. "Of course not....We attack at Dawn!"

 *                  *                   *

Tigerkit yawned loudly. She was growing to big for the nursery.all cramped with Shrewkit and Lighteningkit. also with Petalspot's four new kits, Songkit, Smokekit, Beekit, and Lizardkit. she was glad that her mother, Sunpelt moved in to the nursery. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join me for a clan meeting.. They waddled outside. They were old enough. They steppede outside and their mother ran over ans began washing them fiercely. "MOM!" she said embarrassed. "I can wash myself!" she said "Today we recognize three new apprentices."

I will add more later!!!!! Comment on your thoughts pleaz!!!!!!

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