I just went to a concert for my favorite band, Okgo. For all you creepers out there, who are trying to hunt me down and kidnapp me, i'm not giving out to much info about this. I go right up to the scerurty fence and was hanging on really hard and singing a lot. My ears are still ringing:). I was WAY to the lleft and got out of the picture posted on facebook, but I got my shirt signed my the lead singer, damian kulash!

Also During the song this too shall pass damian climbed onto the security fence next to where my friend was standing (which was far right of me. The lucky girl got right up close to him *flashes jealous look*) and accidentlly stepped on her fingers. After the concert, she was bragging "you only got your shirts signed by damian, but I got stepped on by damian!" How many chances do you have in your life to get stepped on by a rock star?

Also, the lead gutairist, Andy, is timid and wouldn't sign anything, so my sister asked damian to try and get Andy to sign her CD. He said if he told Andy what to do he would get beaten up, so he said he would sign it for her. On the drive back to our hotel, we noticed he had attmepted to copy Andy's signature, and beside it he wrote 'Fake Andy->'. LOL

Anyway, I'm happy.^_^ Spotz ^_^ 01:22, July 6, 2011 (UTC)

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