ok, this wiki is really dead and deserted again! There's only, like, three contributors again, and it's really boring now! Warriorcatclansrp wiki redesigned their fanclan pages, so... i'm going to redesign ours! I already did ThunderClan, Tribe of Frozen Ice, and Tribe of Blazing Fire. I also LOVE the new theme with the purple and dramatic cat in the background.i want feedback on how to make this wiki awesome again. One thing i can do is advertise, but to do that we need and active admin (meh!) and 200 pages, so i'm counting on my wonderful contributors of LOOWiki to make the pages in Project Roleplay and write fanfics, and make fanpages, cna I count on meh loyal subjects (lolXP) to help this wiki comback (again. I think this is like the, i dunno, 10th time? XP)^_^ Spotz ^_^ 19:04, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

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