The Tribe of Howling Nights is a Tribe Feared throught the world of Clans and Tribes. They are fierce, and but some of them might turn out to be a little too fierce...

Healer:Moonlight that Brightens Hearts: Silver and brown tabby she-cat with white-gray eyes because she is blind. Roleplayer: Spottedstar42

Prey-Hunters: Fire in Wolf's Heart: Dark ginger she-cat. Roleplayer: Firestream12

{C Cave-Guards:Silver Wolf that Howls: A silver she-cat. roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Ice that Shines in the Moonlight: white tabby she-cat. Roelplayer: Icewish


Kit-mothers: Leaf Flying in Wind: light brown she-cat. roleplayer: Leafster

Kits:Light that Brightens Dark Skies: half black, half golden she-cat, soon to be healer's to-be. Roleplayer:need roleplayer



Medicine cat: Frondsleaf: brown tabby she-cat with white paws and chest. Roleplayer: Needs Roleplayer

Warriors: Bluefoot: Blue-gray she-cat with yellow eyes. Roleplayer: Spottedstar42

Grayclaw: white tom with gray paws. Roleplayer: Spottedstar42

Honeynector: golden tom. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Apprentice: Stripepaw: brown and black tabby she-cat.Roleplayer: Spottedstar42



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