Cats from the Tribe of Blazing Fire live in a cave that's on the sid eof a volcano so it's safe when it erupts. they have short fur so they can resist the heat.

Healer:Ice that Falls From Clouds: white she-cat. roleplayer: Icewish

Prey-Hunters: Star that Glows in Sky: Black she-cat with white spots on her back and tail(reverseXP) Roelplayer: Spottedstar42


Flickering Flames on Spotted Pelt: black and ginger calico she-cat. Roleplayer: spottedpelt34

To-Bes: Ash that Falls from Sky: White tom with gray stripes and blue eyes. Roleplayer: Needs roleplayer

Kit-mothers: Fire that Heats Streams: she-cat, unknown describtion. roleplayer: Firestream

Silver Sparks from Fire: Dark gray tabby she-cat. roleplayer: Silverwhisker


Ash that flies from lava: a white she-cat. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Lava that pools from volcano: a gray she-cat. rolplayer: Silverwhisker



Roleplay:Tribe of Blazing Fire

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