Spottedpelt is a tortioseshell she cat with green eyes


Spottedkit was born in leaf bare to Sandcloud and Lionflight. She has 4 brothers and sisters, Blossomkit, Ferretkit, Flamekit, and Fernkit. The ThunderClan leader, Snowstar, had a dream from StarClan. Spottedkit is a reincarination of a SkyClan kit that was taken into ThunderClan when they were driven out of thier home. When they moved into the nursery there was a queen, Mistypoppy, and her two kits, Silverkit and Shadekit. She and Shadekit became best friends. When Shadekit became an apperentice he, Mistypoppy, and Spottedkit went for a walk when Shadepaw was attacked by a fox. Mistypoppy and Spottedkit chased the fox away. Mistypoppy tolled Spottedkit to hide while she ran for help. When she came back Shadepaw was blood free. Spottedkit cleaned him while she was gone. Shadepaw later recovered. A moon later, Spottedkit and her sibblings were kidnapped by WindClan warriors. Thay were with a WindClan queen, Featherspirit, and her kits, Beaverkit, and Shellkit. An apperentice, Vinepaw, and Featherspirit helped them get away back to ThunderClan.


When Spottedkit returned home even though she wasn't in ThunderClan that offtend, she became an apperentice. Spottedpaw's mentor was Firefall. When she was trying to catch a squirrel she started to climb the Sky Oak a huge gust of wind ,and heavy rain started up and she lost she her balance and she fell off. She went in to Poppytail Medicine den where she said she broken her leg and dilocated her shoulder. She spent the next moon swimming to help heal her leg. She went back to her apperentice duties. A moon later she passed her warrior assesment.


Spottedpaw had her warrior ceremony and got her warrior name, Spottedpelt. She sat a vigil with her sibblings, Blossomstep, Ferretpool, Fernwater, and Flamenose. They were attacked ShadowClan that night. Ferretpool died. She later went to a Gathering and saw Vinetail. She hadnt seen her since she was kiddnapped as a kit. a moon later Shadelight became her mate. She had his kit, Tanglekit and Hawkkit.