Chapter 1: The First Time....Edit

"Come on!" Snowkit, the pure white she-cat squealed to her sister Icekit, the white and blue tabby she-cat, running out of the Nursery. "I-I don't know sis. I-It looks k-kinda dangerous!" she gulped. "Scaredy-cat!" Snowkit teased, nuding her with her fuzzy paw. "Kits!" the kit's mother, Iceshard, called from under the Highrock. "Comin'!" her daughters called, eventually running to Iceshard. "All cats old enough to catch they're prey join under the Highrock for a clan meeting!" Flamestar, the leader, called, from on top of the Highrock. "These kits, Snowkit and Icekit, have reached 6 moons and are ready to be apprentices and have mentors to train and guide them" Flamestar announced. "Snowkit!" he called.

Chapter 2: Ceremonie's Don't Last Long!Edit

I'm first!

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