• Fanpages are about real characters, no fanpages for non-canon cats.
  • No spamming on any page
  • Fanpages can only contain chararts that were approved in Project Charart
  • No swearing in the comments section of the Fanpage.
  • Fanfictions should all have the Template:Fanfic at the top
  • No bad language in fanfictions, nor inaporprate behaviour
  • Signatures have a 7-word limit
  • Do not roleplay someone else's cat without their permission first.
  • No bad language on Roleplays, nor inaproprate behaviour.
  • NEVER upgrade yourself in roleplays (don't make yourself deputy, leader, or medicine cat without consulting the leader of the clan first)

Editing HelpEdit


fanapges are fairly straightforward. There's a summary section, where you summarize the character and their most important appearances in books, a gallery section where there are chararts of that character that was approved by project charart, and a comments section where users put their opinions on that characters. Of course, all fanpages have the character's name, with '/Fanpage' after it, or it will get mixed up with some roleplay cats. Ex: Firestar/Fanpage and Firestar. Join Project Fanpage To make all the fanpages of all the characters!

Roleplay Cats' PagesEdit

There must be a template on Roleplay cat's pages: Template:RPCatbox. Sometimes the pictures don't work, because you need to put 'File:' before the name of the image to get it to appear in the box. After that is filled out, underneath it can be a gallery/slideshow for more pictures, and beneath that is an 'other' section. The other section gives details on the cat's life, personality, and family. see Project Roleplay and join it to help make all the Roleplay cats' pages!


Once again, pretty striaghtforward. You have a couple headings for the prolouge, and then chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, and so on. they must have Template:Fanfic at the top, and somewhere please have the author's name/sig. A good fanfiction is etheir usually 8-10 long chapters or 18-20 short chapters.

Also, join Project Charart if you love making art!

For further help, contact Project Help.

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