Redclaw is a dark red tom with amber eyes. He was blinded by a few scratches to his eyes made by Fireclaw. He is now a banished rouge living outside can territitory.

Redclaw's StoryEdit

Redkit's mother, Ambertail died when she was giving birth to him. His father, Smokerock was killed by a rouge before he was born. He was raised by Robinfeather (His father's sister) untill he was six moons old, but she was killed by the same rouge who killed his father. His mentor was Darkvine, who was a cruel, heartless warrior. He abused his apprentice physically and mentally. He would come back from training with cuts and bruises. The medicine cat, Rushwater knew something was wrong. She told the leader at the time, who was Cardinalstar (He was old and crazy) that Darkvine was abusing his apprentice. He, of course, did nothing about this. She went to the deputy of the clan to get this problem solved. The deputy, who's name is Featherpelt, took care of this right away.He banished Darkvine for severly breaking the warrior code and gave Redpaw a new mentor, Sparrowpelt. Even with the deputy's and Sparrowpelt's efforts, the damage had already been done. He bacame as cold hearted as his mentor and possibly, even more. He was never caught doing bad things and blamed it on the other apprentices Milkpaw, Badgerpaw, Brightpaw, and Stonepaw. His wrong doings got worse and worse as he got older. When he became a warrior his pranks soon became sever enough to break the Warrior Code. The worst mistake Featherstar ever made was making Redclaw his deputy. He plotted to join forces with DesertClan, kill Featherstar, over throw Fangstar, enslave both LeafClan and DesertClan, and take over the entire forest. He was later stoped by Fireclaw and his friends when they killed Fangstar to free DesertClan, banished Redclaw, and brought peace back to the forest. Fireclaw now is the leader of LeafClan.


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