Project Charart
Objective: To provide top quality chararts for Roleplay cats and Fanpages.

Status: Active

Leader: Spottedstar

Deputy: Firestream

Sr. Warriors:Icewish


Apprentices: Silverwhisker, Ms ds nerd, Ivyheart, Rainfacestar,  Skyflight

Kits(If not enough mentors): Firestar1122000

Elders(Been Inactive 2+ months):, Mistfall31, Feathermoon, Shinecloud, Leopardclawxx, Sundawn, Snowdazzle,

Current ProjectsEdit

*Remember: Fanpages can only have approved chararts,so please put all fanpage Chararts up for approval. Fanfictions must be completed before they can have chararts. Fanclan syombols don't need to be approved, but the blanks are provided below.

*Note: Warriors can have 3 projects,Apprentices can have 2,and Leader,Deputy,and Sr. Warriors can have 4 projects at a time.

Username Project Date Started

Jayfeather chararts

Firestream Whitewing Chararts / Crowfeather Chararts/ Blackstar Chararts August 4/August 4/August 9/

Ms ds nerd

Lakeshine chararts N/A
Silverwhisker Crookedstar chararts/Lionblaze Chararts N/A
Ivyheart Shimmerpelt Chararts N/A
Icewish None N/A
Rainfacestar Sunfish Chararts, Brook Chararts October 2nd, October 9th
Bluestar Bluestar leader alt., Bluestar kit alt., Bluestar apprentice alt. 12/20/11, 12/20/11, 12/20/11


Not all the blanks are completed. Please, if you can, create some. THESE BLANKS ARE ONLY FOR THIS WIKI! PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM ON ANOTHER WIKI!