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Hello! We welcome you to Living On Our Own Wiki, a Wiki about Warriors, a series about cat who live in the wild by Erin Hunter! Here at LOOOWiki, we have Roleplay, Fanfiction, and Fanpages (Which are pages about real characters from the series Warriors by Erin Hunter where you can give feedback on the character). We encourage you to join a project, write a fanfic, vote on a fanpage, or join a roleplay!


Featured Pages:

This Month's Featured Pages:

Fanfic: Amber Eyes in the Dark

Fanpage: Jayfeather

FanClan: Tribe of Howling Nights


ThunderClan (Leader: Firestream12)

RiverClan (Leader:Silverwhisker)

WindClan (Leader: Spottedstar42)

ShadowClan (Leader: Lightningstar)

CloudClan (Leader: Silverwhisker)

LeafClan (Leader:Icewish)

SkyClan (Leader:Ms ds nerd)

Tribe of Frozen Ice (Healer: Star)

Tribe of Blazing Fire (Healer: Ice)

Please visit the Roleplay Page to roleplay as cats from these clans.

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