okay, this is getting REALLY annouying by telling people how to ddo this over and over again, so i'm just gonna have people read this.

Your SIG CODE is not this:
{{SUBST:User:USERNAME/Sig|{{SUBST:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}}}}
It is something like this:
[[User:Spottedstar42|<span style="background:Teal;border:1px solid blue; -moz-border-raiuds: 1em; color:black;">Spottedstar42</span>]][[User Talk:Spottedstar42|<span style="color:Red;"><sup>Welcome </sup></span><span style="color:Blue;"><sup>to </sup></span><span style="color:Teal;"><sup>our </sup></span><span style="color:Purple;"><sup>Wiki!!!</sup></span>]] 

you create a page, USERNAME/Sig, then put the SIG CODE on it. then, in your Preferences, you go to the part where it says "Signature" and check the box "Custom Signature". Then you put the other code, the first one, in the box.


  • replace every USERNAME with your username when doing this.
  • ask me, ^_^ Spotz ^_^ , to customize your sig code, so you don't all have the same one.

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