By: Silverwhisker

Darkclan is one of the four clans. They are made up of cats that are Windclan and Shadowclan. They are the evilest cats to live, led by Darkstar. Darkstar is a dark, black tom wtih dark amber eyes that look red. He has many scars.

Cloudclan is made up of thunderclan, Riverclan, and skyclan cats. They are the heros and are nice but can be vicious in battle. They know that Darkclan is up to something. The first leader was Cloudstar, but the current leader is Silverstar. Silverstar is Silverwhisker.

Glaiciarclan is cats who have very thick fur and who eat hares. They live in the mountains where every thing is snow. They are a deceant clan. The first leader is Glaiciarstar. Glaciarstar is a huge snowy white she-cat with a very fluffy tail.

Fireclan is a clan with short furred cats. They live in the dessert. they eat lizards and sometimes bugs. Flamestar is the current leader. He is a dark ginger tom. ( will finish.)